Writer's Block: If stains could talk
If an annoying acquaintance got spinach between his or her teeth or an embarrassing salsa stain, would you tell them or let them suffer in shame?
I would tell them,
no one deserves to be put through that much
no matter how annoying they are.
And if they had to go get it out,
it would get them away from me anyway,
if they were annoying, haha

Writer's Block: Busting Blocks
It's blockbuster season in movie theaters. What was the last movie you saw?
Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, and it was hilarious :P
Scrat, Diego, and Sid are my favorite characters :D

Writer's Block: Dream Vacations
What vacations would you most like to take in the next five years?
Seattle, WA--because my 2nd book that I'm writing uses Seattle as it's setting, also because I want to see the space needle and all of the "bad weather" they have up there, I'd like to actually live there because I'd much rather live in cold weather than hot weather. Think about it, when you are cold, you put more layers on, when you're hot, what do you do? Get naked? Then what? Rip your skin off? Not too smart.

New York City, NY--because New York has always seemed so interesting, I'd like to visit the Apple store, Times Square, etc. It seems so facinating, ahh, the city :)

Norfolk, VA--because it is setting of my 1st ever novel and I'd like to see the place so I could really get a sense of what it's like living a normal day there.

Writer's Block: Not So Genius
Which modern invention do you think the world would be better off without?
Does the Snuggie count?
I don't care if it does or not
Who the...
why would you want that?
"Oh I want to be warm and use my hands!!"
Wouldn't your hands be cold too?
Think people, it's a backwards robe
Don't pay so much money for something that you can just turn around

Writer's Block: Investigations of a Female Nature
Who is your favorite lady detective from movies, books, or TV?
Nancy Drew :D
Mostly because of the random characters
George, who I liked best
and that overweight chick that was alway complaining..haha
Bravo to Nancy Drew for dealing with that chick and not slapping her when she got tired of it
I would've :D

Writer's Block: Pick and Stick
If you could only eat one kind of cuisine—Mexican, Thai, French, Italian, Indian, Chinese, etc.—for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?
I believe I would have to go with Italian, because of my Vegetarian cuisine...
They have so many choices...so, yeah
and Olive Garden Salad?
duhh :)

Please Give me a chance
I've often tried to forget you
All tries unsuccessful
Again this beating heart has no stop
My yearning want is unpredictable
As I try to figure out what I'm doing wrong
It seems like everythign I do, it's not enough
And if you actually start to date that evil witch,
If you aren't already,
It'll hurt but I know you'll throw her away
Which is kind of what she deserves
After all of the drama she's put me through
She was one of my trustworthy friends
Even after this incedent, I faked a smile
Like I didn't know what was happening
When in reality, it was eating me alive
I just wish you could know how much better I am than the other girls

To you—you know who you are
Now that I'm away from you for a few weeks,
I feel at peace with my loving soul.
I tire from longing...
The rest from your gorgeous eyes is just what I need
I need to stop this crush
because this crush will crush me
and lead to heartbreak, I've been here before
Please don't crush my soul
the raw feeling of my hear being ripped out of my chest is too much for me.
Please don't throw it back like many others have.

Now that I'm away from you for a few weeks,
You do not corrupt my peace
You don't make me quake with fear that he will pick you over me
The rest from your negative and awful personality is just what I need
You are nothing more than an obstacle in my life
Don't try to overpower me
You won't disruppt me, you won't corrupt me, you won't discourage me.
I don't have to worry about what you do with him behind my back
I don't have to worry about you
He'll throw you away,
Which is just what I need

I thought I could trust you.
I guess I was  wrong.
Girls, hold on to your secrets,
Because there's a backstabber on the run.
I told you I liked him.
I gave you my trust.
Wow, what a fool I was.
Can't trust a slut that can't close her legs,
Even to keep a friend.
I guess you're so rude that you can't back off.
I told you my crush,
because you were "dying to know"
You were my friend, I could trust you,
So I told you...
So a few weeks later,
To my mere surprise,
People ran around saying that you liked my crush.
Wow...blonde, skinny...
Hmm..I wonder how this will turn out...
Then to find out he liked you back.
I went home and cried my eyes out.
Mascara marks on my pillow
They permentally reminding me of a boy I'm in love with
And a person that I can't ever trust again.
You talk to my other friends about how he likes you,
And how you might go out with him.
Then they congradulate you on how you finally found someone.
Yeah, congradulations,
The skinny whore always gets the guy.
But it's not that I don't like you because you are skinny.
Oh no..
More along the lines of...
You're nasty...
I don't like you...
You can't be trusted...
You're a backstabbing friend...
Oh yeah, and you're nasty..
I don't want anything to do with you anymore.
You are a tramp.
So walk away, because I don't want to see your face again.
Oh, but not before you pull the knife out of my back.
You disgust me.

Just let go...Just let go...I can't it's not that easy...
The heartbreak is back
I found out this boy that has stolen my heart makes fun of me
But the feeling I have for him will not let go.
My heart that has been beaten and stomped on, still beats for him
It's like I can't let go for anything.
My heart yerns for him
Every need for him, I feel is useless

So my words for him:
You've had sex with a girl that is bigger than me
You've had sex with girls uglier than me
You've had sex with girls that are posers and fakes
What's wrong with me?
Tell me.
Say it like a man.
My heart that you have torn apart, stepped on, spit on, laughed at...
It still beats for you
How does that make you feel?
You don't care
Not one little bit.
Thanks alot

Why do I still love him?
It's not that easy to get over something as strong as this feeling is.


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